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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] [Serialization] Serialize base and derived classes.
From: BlueAngel (lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-28 06:38:19

Il 26/07/2010 18:58, BlueAngel ha scritto:
> Hi lists,
> I'm working with the Serialization library but I'm having some
> troubles with it.
> The tutorials in the website shown me much but still I need help.
> I'm using XML archives.
> I have this classes actually (these classes are all
> builders/prototypes, they serialize the datas and then they should
> make a new object with those datas):
> Serializer (an interface, every class which need serialization must be
> derived from this, however this is only a marker, it will be not
> serialized)
> RenderableSerializer : public Serializer - this isn't pure virtual
> however shouldn't be never serialized directly (since the object made
> by this class is a pure virtual one) - These will use the tag
> <renderable>
> SkyboxSerializer : public RenderableSerializer - these will use the
> tag <skybox>
> EntitySerializer : public Serializer - these will use the tag <entity>
> many other classes will be added in future and they'll all derive form
> RenderableSerializer.
> Now the problem is EntitySerializer have a pointer to a
> RenderableSerializer and when I serialize EntitySerializer the pointer
> to that class is considered to be a RenderableSerializer and not the
> derived class. I don't know at priori which class is the base class
> and this lead to problem.
> If I serialize a SkyboxSerializer I have the correct tag: a <skybox>
> which have inside a <renderable> and the datas are correct.
> If I try to serialize an Entity I had a lot of problem, mostly just
> make the library crash. As I've seen in the tutorial I should register
> all the derived classes before pass the pointer to the Archive. I did
> it registering the SkyboxSerializer classes but it lead to a wrong
> xml: a correct <entity> tag which have a correct <skybox> with all
> it's data but also a wrong <renderable> tag which have inside the same
> data of the tag <skybox> instead of the data of a RenderableSerializer
> class.
> Now the question is: is there a correct way to use the library this
> way? With a pointer to a base class of which the derived is not known?
> My code is too big and I made many attempt to use the library so I'm
> not posting it in this message. If you need it I will post it.
> Thank you for your replies.
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It seems no one know the answer. I hope it's just I made a too vague
request. Here's the partial code (load function are implemented the same
way, simmetrically):
void *save*(xml_oarchive& ar, const unsigned int version) const
     ar << make_nvp("EntityName", _nome); // string
     ar.register_type(static_cast<SkyBoxSerializer *>(NULL)); // Note:
this is just for debug, in the future I'll make a function in every
class derived from Serializer which register itself when needed.
     ar << make_nvp(_renderable->getTagName().c_str(), _renderable);

void *save*(xml_oarchive& ar, const unsigned int version) const
     ar << make_nvp("renderable",
         boost::serialization::base_object< RenderableSerializer >(*this));
     //RenderableSerializer::save(ar, version); // If I use this line
instead of the previous it de/serializer correctly but I know this is a
dirty work-around and I want to avoid it.
     ar << make_nvp("shader_file", _fx_file); // std::string
     ar << make_nvp("mesh_file", _mesh_filename); // std::string
     ar << make_nvp("cubemap_file", _tex_filename); // std::string
void *save*(xml_oarchive& ar, const unsigned int version) const
     ar << make_nvp("scala", _scala); // struct vector
     ar << make_nvp("rotazione", _rotazione); // struct vector
     ar << make_nvp("posizione", _posizione); // struct vector
struct vettore
float x, y, z;

namespace boost
namespace serialization
template<class Archive> void *serialize*(Archive& ar, vettore& vec,
const unsigned int version)
             ar & make_nvp("x", vec.x);
             ar & make_nvp("y", vec.y);
             ar & make_nvp("z", vec.z);

virtual void *save*(xml_oarchive& ar, const unsigned int version) const = 0;

And this is the xml resultant:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<!DOCTYPE boost_serialization>
<boost_serialization signature="serialization::archive" version="7">
<entity class_id="0" tracking_level="0" version="0">
<skybox class_id="1" tracking_level="1" version="0" object_id="_0">
<renderable class_id="2" tracking_level="1" version="0" object_id="_1">
<renderable object_id_reference="_1"></renderable>

As you can see the renderable tag inside the skybox tag is wrong. The
<renderable> should have:

Why that tag serialize the derived class instead of itself?
Thank you again for your answers.

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