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Subject: [Boost-users] [Graph] Problems with in-edges for a user defined AdjacencyList
From: Berit Løfstedt (blof_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-30 09:24:09


I am fairly new to boost and I have a problem using the in_edges(v, G)

I have defined a graph of type AdjacencyList:
typedef adjacency_list<
> mcf_graph;

The following code with m_current_network being a private class variable
of type mcf_graph

void best_insertion::search()
  vertex_descriptor v,u,w;
  edge_descriptor e;
  graph_traits<mcf_graph>::in_edge_iterator in_e, in_end;
  graph_traits<mcf_graph>::out_edge_iterator out_e, out_end;
  edge_index_map_t edge_indices=get ( edge_index, m_current_network );
  edge_type_map_t edge_types= get(edge_type, m_current_network);
  capacity_map_t edge_capacities=get ( edge_capacity, m_current_network );

  vector<int> indices;
  vector<int>::iterator it, it_end;

//select vertex v to reinsert

//find_edge_indices of vertex v
  for ( tie ( in_e, in_end ) = in_edges(v, m_current_network ); in_e !=
in_end; in_e++ )
      indices.push_back ( edge_indices[e] );


  for ( tie ( out_e, out_end ) = out_edges( v, m_current_network );
out_e != out_end; out_e++ )
      indices.push_back ( edge_indices[e] );

 produces the error:
 error: no matching function for call to 'in_edges(vertex_descriptor&,

The problem does not occur for out_edges. From the examples I have seen
AdjacencyList should support both functions. Can anybody explain to me
why in_edges do not work for this example?

Best Regards,
Berit Løfstedt
PhD. Student
DTU Management Engineering, Operations Research
Technical University of Denmark
Department of Management Engineering
Produktionstorvet, Bygning 426
2800  Kgs. Lyngby
blof_at_[hidden] <mailto:blof_at_[hidden]> <>


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