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Subject: [Boost-users] using Regex and other Boost libraries that require a build
From: Bhushan Inamdar (bhushanvi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-24 11:13:46

Hi all,
        I am relatively new to Boost but was wanting to install and do
development on it for long now. Finally, I can now spare some time for that.
I am using Visual Studio 2008 professional edition as a development IDE. I
have installed Visual Assist X to assist me with the intellisense as well.
I am having Windows 7 ultimate installed on my machine and I am trying to
install latest i.e. BOOST 1.44.0 version. So far I have had partial success.
I am able to build and compile the sample program on Boost site that needs
only headers. But I am facing problems while building programs that
reference other libraries.
So here is what I did:
- Tried unsuccessfully to install it using BoostPro; installation broke
quite a few times.
- So I gave up and downloaded the Boost compressed version and extracted it
successfully in C: drive
- The current location is C:\Program Files\Boost\Boost_1_44_0\....and the
respective dir structure thereafter.
- Then I downloaded the bjam utility and extracted it and then copied it to
the Boost root dir
- Following this, I double clicked bjam.exe and it ran the build. However, a
lot of projects were skipped and virtually nothing was build.
- Then I realized that it was Windows 7 we were dealing with and then
immediately ran Bjam.exe as an administrator.
- This time, it took a lot longer and I was seeing the compilation in
progress and I think that it was satisfactory.
- Then comes the part of linking the libraries through VC++ compiler to the
- I then navigated to Tools->Options->Projects and
Solutions->VC++Directories and selected Win32 on first combo on top left
- There I selected Includes in the other combo on top right and added the
C:\Program Files\Boost\Boost_1_44_0\Boost to the list
- Then on the same page I changed the top right combo to Libraries and added
C:\Program Files\Boost\Boost_1_44_0\libs to the list
- Considering that I should not miss out on any other libraries, I added
C:\Program Files\Boost\Boost_1_44_0\bin.V2 to the list as well; this
directory was constructed as a result of build by Bjam.exe
- Following that, I quickly followed the 2 tutorials on Boost site 1 for
simple iostream (which worked after some adjustments) and the other for
regex (which did not work).
- Considering I might still have missed something, I went on to add the path
C:\Program Files\Boost\Boost_1_44_0 to System variables and made changes to
VC IDE accordingly.
- Also, to mention, I did not find any simple way to build the libraries
that need a separate build and neither did I found any simple tutorial on
Boost site...where they have put the regex sample that extracts matched text
from a paragraph
So my questions:
- I want to know if I have missed anything to build any of Boost libraries
or link to VC IDE or else?
- Is there a better way to make sure if all the variants of all the
libraries are build and linked with VC?
- Is there a way to do this with CMake?
- I read that, some libraries have some dependencies like libz...etc. where
can I get the list for all Boost libraries?
- Although this Question is not related to Boost, on a lighter note, I would
just want ask this. Please ignore this if it does not hold ground. I have
installed Boost after I installed Visual Assist for Visual Studio. Hence,
whereever I use Boost members and classes, it keeps on saying that
refactoring data is not available. Hence, I presume that, if I uninstall and
reinstall Visual Assist, it should help? Or in other words, is there a
better way to refactor boost library code so that intellisense can pick
that? I will continue searching for this and hope that there is an option in
Visual Assist itself. Nonetheless, it is not as important as Boost build
related questions.
Hope to hear from you soon...
Thanks and Regards,

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