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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] [Spirit 2] on_error to string
From: Vincent Agnus (vincent.agnus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-07 03:47:22

Le 06/04/2011 20:08, TONGARI a écrit :

> Does my first suggestion solve your first attempt?
> i.e. (ostream&)m_error << ...

I don't have see our answer in our previous mail. I have test it with
m_error as std::stringstream and phx::ref( (ostream&)m_error ). And it
works fine !!!

Thanks a lot for our help

Note that there is a compilation error with *std::ostringstream* m_error
and phx::ref( m_error )

> for example if my start rule is
> start = qi::char_("a-z") > qi::char_("!");
> and I parse the string "a#" then I expect that _4 contain "!" ,
> phx::bind(&boost::spirit::info::tag, qi::_4) return "literal-char"
> 2 questions :
> a) I have a look in boost::spirit::info class is the
> boost::spirit::info::value member is containing the data I want ( ie
> "!")
> True here, but it's a more subtle thing than I can explain...
> Not every case can you get a utf8_string form boost::spirit::info::value.
> For example, "... > qi::char_('a', 'z')" you can get the value as a
> utf8_string "a-z";
> while "... > qi::char_("a-z")" you can only get a nil object from value.


> b) perhaps it exists an alternative like
> phx::construct<>( phx::val("") << _4 )
> I don't know what you mean here.

With this kind of proposition I will hope to hack the string
construction (m_error in this case is a std::string).
a) phx::construct<std::string>( phx::val("...") ) is a valid expression
b) phx::val("...") << _4 is a valid expression
c) phx::construct<std::string>( phx::val("...") << _4 ). The evaluation
on this expression first compute (exp. b) phx::val("...") << _4 then
then apply (a) evaluation.

For my application I will use our workarond, thanks again

Vincent Agnus

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