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Subject: [Boost-users] [Date Time] time_duration Subsecond Truncation After Construction
From: Hossein Haeri (powerprogman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-04-24 19:08:43

Dear all,
[GCC 4.5.1, MinGW32, WinXPSP3, Boost 1.46.0]
I have a simple templatised class which stores references to the passed timestamps. I also have a helper function to ease some syntax awkwardness as follows:
template<typename Timestamp>
struct Container
   Container(const Timestamp& t): t_(t)
   {    cout << "In ctor, t = " << to_simple_string(t)           << ", t_ = " << to_simple_string(t_) << endl;
   template<typename T1, typename T2>
   void f(const T1&, const T2&) const
    cout << "In f(), t_ = " << to_simple_string(t_);

   const Timestamp& t_;

template<typename Timestamp>
Container<Timestamp> container(const Timestamp& t) {return Container<Timestamp>(t);}

It happens that, in my release build, the subsecond resolution gets truncated once the passed time duration is stored in my Container. So, for the following code snippet for example
container(milliseconds(400)).f(1.1, 2);
I get the following nonsense output:
In ctor, t = 00:00:00.400000, t_ = 00:00:00.400000
In f(), t_ = 00:00:00

Does anyone here know what's going on?

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