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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] how to build boost using mingw on windows?
From: Ákos Maróy (akos_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-06-21 20:09:08


> It looks like you have a working bjam.exe. That's good.
> Use gcc instead of mingw as the toolset.

it doesn't seem to work.

if I try to compile bjam with the gcc toolset, it just won't:

$ ./ --with-toolset=gcc
Building Boost.Jam with toolset gcc...
Failed to build Boost.Jam
Consult 'bootstrap.log' for more details

where in the log the errors are like the following:

$ cat bootstrap.log
### Using 'gcc' toolset.
rm -rf bootstrap
mkdir bootstrap
gcc -o bootstrap/jam0 command.c compile.c debug.c expand.c glob.c hash.c
o.c headers.c jam.c jambase.c jamgram.c lists.c make.c make1.c newstr.c
  output.c parse.c pathunix.c pathvms.c regexp.c rules.c scan.c search.c
timestamp.c variable.c modules.c strings.c filesys.c builtins.c pwd.c
class.c na
tive.c md5.c w32_getreg.c modules/set.c modules/path.c modules/regex.c
roperty-set.c modules/sequence.c modules/order.c execunix.c fileunix.c
builtins.c:32:23: fatal error: sys/wait.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
execunix.c:17:26: fatal error: sys/resource.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
fileunix.c:97:17: fatal error: ar.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

if I try to compile bjam with the mingw toolset, then I do get a bjam
executabl, but then I get the error posted in the previous e-mail, even
if I tell it to use the gcc toolset:

$ ./bjam.exe toolset=gcc
mingw.jam: No such file or directory
c:/Users/akos/src/boost_1_46_1/tools/build/v2/build\toolset.jam:38: in
rule mingw.init unknown in module toolset.
c:/Users/akos/src/boost_1_46_1/tools/build/v2/build\project.jam:886: in
project-config.jam:12: in modules.load
c:/Users/akos/src/boost_1_46_1/tools/build/v2\build-system.jam:257: in
c:/Users/akos/src/boost_1_46_1/tools/build/v2\build-system.jam:423: in
c:/Users/akos/src/boost_1_46_1/tools/build/v2\build-system.jam:554: in load
c:\Users\akos\src\boost_1_46_1\tools\build\v2/kernel\modules.jam:283: in
in boost
c:\Users\akos\src\boost_1_46_1\boost-build.jam:17: in module scope

> If it still gives you trouble, modify
> boost/tools/build/v2/user-config.jam, uncommenting this row:
> using gcc ;
> (Note that the space before the semi-colon is important.)

same as above..

I get the same results for both boost 1.46.1 and 1.45.0


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