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Subject: [Boost-users] [Boost-log v1][Boost 1_46_1][MinGW 4.4.0][Windows 7] Finaly builded (partially) !!!
From: Aman Feri (feriaman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-01 08:00:07


I finally partially builded Boost_log v1 with Boost 1_46_1 using MinGW (gcc
4.4.0) on windows 7.
It's a great victory for me, because it took a long time.
I contribute here, if anyone need it or is able to make it work better.

-------------- Error 1 --------------
Title : Compiling Boost_log v1 with Boost 1_46_1 including Filesystem v3

Symptom : error: 'external_string_type' is not a member of

Fix : using Filesystem_version 2 (thanks
(don't forget to #define BOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION 2 in your projects using

-------------- Error 2 --------------
Title : Using windows path

Symptom : "windres.exe" + "C:\Program is not recognize as a valid command"
(free translation)

Fix : reinstalling MinGW, in a directory without space allowed bjam to find

-------------- Error 3 --------------
Title : (maybe a boost log v1 bug ?)

Symptom : libs\log\src\event_log_backend.cpp:55: error: external linkage
required for symbol 'boost::log_mt_nt5::sinks::event_log::success' because
of 'dllexport' attribute

Fix (seams to work, but confirmation still needed) : replace
libs\log\src\event_log_backend.cpp line 55/56/57/58 from :
BOOST_LOG_EXPORT const event_type_t ...
extern BOOST_LOG_EXPORT const event_type_t ...

-------------- Error 4 --------------
Title : comeback of error 1

Symptom : Error 1 reproduce only on "release" build (but debug was build)

Fix : no fix. Already spended 4 hours on this. I just use debug dll.
Note : it implies i use debug dll for filesystem, system, thread and regex
too (maybe implying i use both debug and release version in my final

-------------- Error 5 --------------
Title : linking my project (the one that use boost log) with signle threaded
instead of multi threaded

Symptom : undefined reference to

Fix : link your project using log v1 with libboost_log-mgw44-mt-d-1_46_1.dll
not libboost_log-mgw44-d-1_46_1.dll
(note the -d for "debug because i couldn't build the release cf error 4)

Have a nice build !

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