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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] Compilation of boost on HP-UX 11iv3 using aCC
From: Avi Bahra (avibahra_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-09-30 06:57:01

>> Which version of aCC are you using ? It must be lower version as compared to A.06.26. I searched on web and found above errors are not generated by its predecessor versions.

You are right I am using:
   HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.20 [May 13 2008]

The newer compiler versions have too many regressions.
If you cant use the version above, then you are out of luck.

>>Have you tried gcc or acc ? My problem is that lower versions of aCC are licensed ( I am currently using trial version of aCC ) and to use latest version too much boost code
>>needs to be hacked ! It is not at all a good idea.

I have not tried later versions of gcc.

What I have found is that old UNIX vendors(HPUX/IBM/ etc) are struggling
with boost. This is not all surprising, since the boost developers do
not have access.
to these compilers, and even if they did, those compilers really struggle with
advanced meta-programming techniques use in boost. Adding support for
boost for them is a *major* undertaking, in time and resource. Hence they
appear to have given up. From what I recall HPUX made a song and dance
about support at boost 1.35, But have been silent ever since.

If you are using any of these platforms, then do not make any
assumption about boost.
The organisation I work for is slowly migrating away from HPUX, in favour
of linux.

I suppose this is little consolation. Since you have a trial version
of this compiler,
can you submit the compilation failures as bugs/regressions ?

Failing that you could isolate the boost libs you want to use, and see
if you can fix the
issues yourself or get help from the boost author.
Either way it will likely entail some effort.

   Best regards,

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