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Subject: [Boost-users] BoostCon/C++Now! Talk: How I Code and Why
From: Gottlob Frege (gottlobfrege_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-13 02:30:31

I talked about this last year, and this year I've submitted the proposal, so

If you volunteered last year (and are still interested) and/or are
interested in helping with a particular/peculiar talk at
BoostCon/C++Now this year, then read on, and contact me offline:

I'm planning on giving a talk, entitled "How I Code and Why". It is
not meant to be presumptuous and tell you how *you* should code, but
instead just explains how I code - day-to-day - and how I came to
these patterns/conclusions.

But who cares just about how *I* code, people want to hear how other
members of the Boost community - people they've come to know and
respect via the boost lists - code. So I'm hoping to have a few
co-conspirators on stage with me, and have each explain a fundamental
guiding principle that they follow in their every day code, how they
came to adopt this principle and why they find it valuable.

For example, I will tell the simple story ('epiphany') of why my
favourite comment word is 'otherwise', and how this relates to advice
you may have heard or read before. I like the flavour of

   [ simple, real world, specific ] ---> [ general principle ]

The goal is to bring a more real world down to earth picture to the
sometimes lofty fundamentals found in books and lectures. Instead of
a book explaining how a guiding principle makes sense *in theory*, it
would be great (I think) to hear how respected members of the
community apply these principles in real life.

So, if you want to participate, email me, and we will see what we can
figure out. (And/or I might just have to track you down based on
promises made last year!)

Not sure how many people we need. I'm thinking 5-15 mins per
'principle', and I think you only need to present one (I think the
weight of picking *just one* principle makes it all the more
Anyhow, we can work out the details as we go along.


PS. this is not (yet?!) an accepted talk, but I have a bit of
chicken/egg thing here: ie it would help to have a few people on
board to show that the talk is viable, and thus be accepted.

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