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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] A plea for simpler tools
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-13 16:57:57

Jim Bell wrote:
> On 2/13/2012 2:20 PM, Robert Ramey wrote:
>> Let me start by saying I love Boost and C++ as much or more than
>> anyone here!!!
> Let ME start by saying I appreciate you staying as involved with Boost
> as you have been. Authors disappearing is Boost's biggest problem
> (IMHO) and you haven't.


This is way off topic - but I would like to respond anyway.

The above might be true, I haven't noticed that much. I suppose that
it might because that if I use a component and it works - I don't notice.
If I try to use something and it turns into a problem, I just set it aside
and move on to another solution (usually). I have a low tolerance for
frustration (I'm getting older - it get's worse). So I don't think I notice
it that much.

As for my own motivation. My first motivation was was that I wanted
to learn C++ to a lot better than I knew it before. This I accomplished.
By that time, I managed to do that, I had writting the serialization
The first versions had some bugs and it offended my self image to permit
them to stay unfixed. I have a big ego. So what you suggest as a
professional commitment is likely a manifestation of a personality flaw.
oh well. (Even the current version has a few design flaws - I've left
track items which highlight them, but for now ...).

After I got things working to my satisfaction, there is very little work
to do actually. Just once in a while I respond to the user list. It's
very easy for me to do and it provides sort of a "comic relief". To
me, if you're library (or application) requires a lot of maintainence
it's not done yet. If people require lot's of hand holding to get it
work or understand how to use it, it's a bug - either in the code,
design, or documentation. The three things have to be considered
as a whole.

Which brings me to my current effort - which is to update my original
artcle - "Making a Boost Library" to include observations gathered
over several years of developing and maintaining hte library. Part
of is to make a simple small library and show how to get it
preparied so that it has a chance of getting in to boost without
turning the process into a death march. This is in turn motivated
by my concern that Boost/C++ needs a little "boost" to make it
to the next level where it needs to be now that most of the "simple"
libraries are done. Even microsoft is now acknowledged that C++
is the future - prepare for a bumpy ride!!!!

So I want to make the process smoother.

Also off topic - considering people who have hung in there are a few
who deserve really special mention. Dave Abrahams, Beamon Dawes,
John Maddock - I"m sure there are others whose libraries I depend upon
every day. And special mention should go to Vladimir Prus. I know I
complain about bjam all the time but where would boost be without it?
And Vladimir is ALWAYS available when required - over many years.
I see no conflict at all in complaining about bjam and holding
Vladimir in the highest esteem both as a person and a professional.
(Hmm my wife complains about me all the time but I think she loves me
- oh well).

Robert Ramey

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