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Subject: [Boost-users] How to make boost asio fork safe
From: Ranadheer (p_ranadheer_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-20 08:40:35

I have built a C++ library using boost ASIO. The library needs to be both
thread-safe and fork-safe.
It has service scheduler thread, which calls "". To
support fork-safety, I've registered pre_fork, post_fork_parent and
post_fork_child handlers. The pre_fork() handler, calls
post_fork_parent handler calls
"_io_service.notify_fork(boost::asio::io_service::fork_parent);" and
post_fork_child calls

The problem I'm facing in, when the fork() happens, the service scheduler
thread might be in middle of some operation and might have acquired lock on
data members of io_service object. So, the child process seems them in the
same state and in the post_fork_child() when we call
"_io_service.notify_fork(boost::asio::io_service::fork_child);" it tries to
acquire the lock on the same object and hence get blocked indefinitely (as
there is no thread in child to release the lock).

The stack trace I see in the child process, which is blocked, is -

 fffffd7ffed07577 lwp_park (0, 0, 0)
 fffffd7ffecffc18 mutex_lock_internal () + 378
 fffffd7ffecfffb2 mutex_lock_impl () + 112
 fffffd7ffed0007b mutex_lock () + b
__1cFboostEasioGdetailLscoped_lock4n0CLposix_mutex__2t5B6Mrn0D__v_ () + 1d
() + 32
() + 107
 fffffd7fff27531c __1cDdesGtunnelQServiceSchedulerPpost_fork_child6M_v_ () +
 fffffd7fff29de24 post_fork_child () + 84
 fffffd7ffec92188 _postfork_child_handler () + 38
 fffffd7ffecf917d fork () + 12d
 fffffd7ffec172d5 fork () + 45
 fffffd7ffef94309 fork () + 9
 000000000043299d main () + 67d
 0000000000424b2c ???????? ()

Apparently the "dev_poll_reactor" is locked (because it seems to be
dispatching some pending events) in the service scheduler thread when the
fork has happened which is causing the problem.

I think to solve the problem, I need to ensure that service scheduler thread
is not in the middle of any processing when the fork happens and one way to
guarantee that would be to call "io_service.stop()" in pre_fork() handler
but that doesn't sound like a good solution. Could you please let me know
what is the right approach to make the library fork safe?

The code snippets looks something like this.

 * Combines Boost.ASIO with a thread for scheduling.
class ServiceScheduler : private boost::noncopyable
public :
    /// The actual thread used to perform work.
    boost::shared_ptr<boost::thread> _service_thread;

    /// Service used to manage async I/O events
    boost::asio::io_service _io_service;

    /// Work object to block the ioservice thread.
    std::auto_ptr<boost::asio::io_service::work> _work;

    : _logger("ServiceScheduler"),
              new boost::asio::io_service::work(_io_service))),

 * Starts a thread to run async I/O service to process the scheduled work.
void ServiceScheduler::start()
    ScopedLock scheduler_lock(_mutex);
    if (!_is_running) {
        _is_running = true;
        _service_thread = boost::shared_ptr<boost::thread>(
                new boost::thread(boost::bind(
                        &ServiceScheduler::processServiceWork, this)));

 * Processes work passed to the ASIO service and handles uncaught
 * exceptions
void ServiceScheduler::processServiceWork()
    try {
        std::cout<<"Running io_service"<<std::endl;;
    catch (std::exception& e) {
        TUNNEL_LOGGER_ERROR(_logger, "Exception while running ioservice"
                << e.what());
    catch (...) {
        TUNNEL_LOGGER_ERROR(_logger, "Uncaught exception while running "
                << "ioservice");

 * Pre-fork handler
void ServiceScheduler::pre_fork()

 * Post-fork parent handler
void ServiceScheduler::post_fork_parent()

 * Post-fork child handler
void ServiceScheduler::post_fork_child()

I'm using boost 1.47 and running the application on Solaris i386. The
library and application are built using studio-12.0.


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