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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] [spirit] Qi rule for GPS NMEA
From: Michael Powell (mwpowellhtx_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-09-05 21:51:41

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 8:42 PM, Michael Powell <mwpowellhtx_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Oh yeah, and then I am adapting it into a struct:
> dchem::drivers::nmea::basic_nmea_message_t,
> (std::string, m_message)
> (int, m_checksum)
> )
> Or at least I'd like to. I've got the general framework understood
> from the employee-examples.
> Thanks again.

I came up with something like this, but I may be completely off the mark:

    qi::rule<Iterator, std::string()> r_message;

    qi::rule<Iterator, int()> r_checksum;

    qi::rule<Iterator, basic_nmea_message_t(), ascii::space_type> r_start;

        using qi::char_;
        using qi::lit;
        using qi::hex;

        r_message %= +(char_);

        r_checksum %= hex >> hex;

        r_start %= lit('$') >> r_message
>> lit('*') >> r_checksum
>> lit('\r') >> lit('\n');

The I/O transport itself will handle wrapping/unwrapping when it sees
'$' and the terminus "\r\n" and pass that along to the parser for

What I am uncertain about is how the rules consume the message and
engage with the adaptation.

Thank ye...

> On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Michael Powell <mwpowellhtx_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm digging into a qi rule for GPS NMEA and want to approach it as a
>> kind of 2-pass parser. First pass to extract the message and
>> hex-formatted checksum. Next pass to parse out the actual messages
>> from the message.
>> I believe I comprehend how to go about the second pass. For the first
>> pass, I want to parse $XYZ*HH\r\n.
>> That's the literal '$', and everything between there and the literal
>> '*', followed by the two hex characters, as a complete field, followed
>> by the terminal CR+LF.
>> How do I express the "all characters excluding '*'" for the NMEA
>> message? Then the hex field?
>> Thanks...
>> Regards,
>> Michael Powell

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