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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] [msm] multi thread access
From: christophe.j.henry_at_[hidden]
Date: 2015-01-26 15:10:51


>Did you consider adding build-in multi-thread support? (via policies

I did. This is still work in progress (see
There is a new lockfree_policy.

>For example, I can guaranteed that all access to sub-fsm within its
>handlers (process_event()) will be synchronized.
>The problem is, sub-fsm "knows" about its parent and internally
>communicates with it (forwarding events etc). I can't control it from my
>typical scenario:
>an action from sub-fsm
>struct A_Init
> template <typename Evt, typename FSM, typename SourceState, typename
> TargetState>
> void operator()(Evt&, FSM& fsm, SourceState&, TargetState&) const
> {
> std::thread([=]() mutable
> {
> std::lock_guard<std::mutex> l(access);
> fsm.process_event(some_event());
> }).detach();
> }
>locking proccess_event() in sub-fsm doesn't help if it alters the root.

Actually your example is probably wrong (it's my worst design decision)
because the fsm parameter in an action of a submachine itself is the
submachine, not the outer. But yes, if you have a pseudo exit then you will
call the outer from the sub fsm.
I unsure of what your problem is, you could have your mutex in the outer and
it would work. The sub fsm would lock the whole fsm, then call
process_event, which runs to completion, done.
Normally, MSM is not thread-safe if that's what you mean...

Clearly, locking such a long time is still undesirable, which is why I went
lockfree. Your actions run at the same time as the active state switching.
It's really fast, but quite hard to debug and understand. For example, I am
quite sure my implementation works for simple fsms, for internal
transitions, for orthogonal regions, soon for deferred events and event
queue, but my test for submachines does not and I still did not figure out
if the code or the test is wrong...
If you want to try it out, I'm interested in your experience.
Otherwise, it's all I have at the moment, I had no time to push it further
yet. My priority at the moment goes to finishing the upcoming asynchronous,
which solves this problem nicely (we use it at work for quite some time now)
by taking care of enqueing calls between threads. I run my fsms in a single
thread, avoiding concurrency on the state machine.


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