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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] EXTERNAL: Re: Is this a known bug in lexical_cast<double> ?
From: TILLMAN, MICHAEL D9 (michael.d9.tillman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-07-15 19:29:46

You're preaching to the choir, man!

But I just work here and unless I kidnap a manager's sibling or something, I have absolutely no control over their behavior.

We're just trying to make this SW work within the highly constrained limitations of this working environment.

But I do appreciate your comments, and agree wholeheartedly.

The Peon

Btw, you wouldn't happen to know of anyone I could contact that works directly with boost on bug fixes would you? Or would be familiar with the boost bug fix history? Having a bug in hand would help us in our efforts to "justify" an upgrade. Baring an answer from this group, when time permits, I'll be slogging through boost bug histories as time permits.

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Subject: EXTERNAL: Re: [Boost-users] Is this a known bug in lexical_cast<double> ?

On 7/15/15 3:35 PM, Jeff Flinn wrote:
> On 7/13/15 1:26 PM, TILLMAN, MICHAEL D9 wrote:
>> We're using boost 1.51. Management is reluctant to upgrade because
>> the software is for manned space flight and our current boost version
>> has been stable.

I have an absolutely HUGE problem with this quote. C/C++ is not an inherently safe language. It has lots of undefined behavior and differences between implementations. If you're making a critical project you CANNOT just take a library off the shelf and start using it.
  Actually I cannot even regulations internal and external even permit this this. Your "Management" is shirking it's responsibility to protect human life.

Here's what you SHOULD be doing

a) update your boost installation from time to time.

b) Build your own libraries from the boost distribution

c) Run the whole test suite with your compile/build settings.

d) Review your application requirements. Verify that each requirement (which is usually explicit) is covered by at least one test program in the test suite for that library. If there isn't such test, write your own and add it to your local boost installation. If you want to be social, you might consider submitting to the library author through a git pull request.

As far as I'm concerned, the policy you're not using - just not change anything because things are working amounts to using human cargo as human guinea pigs.

BTW - other shops - not just those carrying human cargo should be doing this. It would make their life easier.

Robert Ramey

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