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Subject: [Boost-users] boost with c++11
From: Christian Meesters (meesters_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-04-13 08:50:29

Dear All,

Perhaps my question has been covered already, in this case a pointer to
the relevant docs / thread would be highly appreciated. However, I have
not been able to find the answer on my question:

My code makes use of the C++11 standard and the standard libraries. I
feel tempted to employ more current features, also beyond C++11,

When downloading the boost 1.60.0 release and compiling with
cxxflags='-std=c++11 -march=native' toolset=gcc linkflags=-stdlib=libc++
supplied to b2 compilation of my software (with gcc 5.3.0) leads to a
number of warning messages and deprecation messages related to unused
variables or redifined symbols, e.g.:

- boost_1_60_0/include/boost/system/error_code.hpp:223:36: warning:
‘boost::system::native_ecat’ defined but not used [-Wunused-variable]
      static const error_category & native_ecat = system_category();
- /boost_1_60_0/include/boost/iostreams/chain.hpp:256:14: warning:
‘template<class> class std::auto_ptr’ is deprecated
In file included from /cluster/gcc/5.3.0/include/c++/5.3.0/memory:81:0,
                  from trunk/src/ngs_io.cpp:8:
/cluster/gcc/5.3.0/include/c++/5.3.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:49:28: note:
declared here
    template<typename> class auto_ptr;
- /usr/include/boost/iostreams/detail/adapter/concept_adapter.hpp:35:7:
>&)’ is implicitly deleted because the default definition would be
  class concept_adapter {


And most importantly this error:

error: use of deleted function

My g++ compiler flags (other than output and source file) are:
  -c -fopenmp -O3 -march=native -Wall -ansi -pedantic -Wuninitialized

The code compiles fine with a git pull from May last year, yet I do not
recall what I have done differently.

So, can anybody tell me how to set up boost, such that compilation and
linking against C++11 std-libraries works? I understand that

Best regards,
Christian Meesters

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