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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] [boost.lockfree][spsc_queue] runtime sizing and producer's thread
From: Gavin Lambert (gavinl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-05-12 00:46:15

On 11/05/2016 20:06, Sampath Tilakumara wrote:
> Two questions on lockfree spsc_queue:
> 1. Can spsc_queue be dynamically (runtime) sized, and if so how do you
> correctly do it?
> * Creating a mpmc queue with size 0 (i.e. queue<T>(0)) creates a
> dynamically sizes mpmc queue, but doing the same for spsc queue doesn't.
> * creating a spsc queue with size 10 (i.e. queue<T>(10)) seems to
> create a fixed sized ring buffer since at high transfer rates, push
> fails, however the constructor code that takes the size asserts that
> it's runtime sized.
> explicit spsc_queue(size_type element_count): base_type(element_count)
> {
> BOOST_ASSERT(runtime_sized);
> }
> * documentation mentions |lockfree::fixed_sized<> in policies, and
> can also be found in (mpmc) queue.hpp, but it doesn't seem to be in
> spsc_queue.hpp
> |
> | * all examples I could find on the internet (and documentation) was
> for fixed size or for mpmc dynamic, but not for spsc dynamic.
> |

The spsc_queue is always a fixed size at construction time -- your
choice is whether this size is fixed by the type itself (via the
capacity<> policy) or per instance (via the constructor). You can't
expand the capacity of an existing instance in either case.

> 2. In a normal (spsc using) program the producer will be a single OS
> thread; however is it still safe to use on something like an actor
> framework or fiber framework? (i.e. you only have a single producer
> object, but it can actually be executed in different threads -- though
> strictly on one thread at any given time).

It implements a simple ringbuffer, so it is safe as long as there can
never be two concurrent calls to push nor two concurrent calls to pop
(one call to push concurrent with one call to pop is safe). It does not
matter which threads those calls are made on as long as you can provide
that guarantee.

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