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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] Help needed in learning to use Boost.Asio
From: Osman Zakir (osmanzakir90_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-10-24 09:33:14

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Does Splunk Pion have a good tutorial available on the official website to learn from? I wanted to use Wt, but sadly its official site doesn't have good-enough tutorials. I want to actually do stuff myself to learn, which I can't do with the tutorials on the Wt site.

Do you have any suggestions for a good and up-to-date web framework with a good support base? Does the POCO community have a good base where they can help people learn it easily? Or is Splunk Pion good as a web framework as well?

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Subject: Re: [Boost-users] Help needed in learning to use Boost.Asio


By my opinion, developing HTTP server from scratch is not the best solution. There is number of open source libraries. I'm pretty happy with splunk pion ( It is built on top of boost asio, supports http and https, and by my opinion it is easy to use.


2017-10-24 10:04 GMT+02:00 Osman Zakir via Boost-users <boost-users_at_[hidden]<mailto:boost-users_at_[hidden]>>:
I want to learn how to use Boost.Asio so I can then create an abstraction layer over it for HTTP and create a server and client. I need it for a web app I want to make. I know C++ isn’t a good choice for this sort of thing, but it’s still growing and getting better, so I wonder if there’s really no hope for it becoming a better choice for web development. Especially if someone were to propose a networking library for boost that also provides support for the HTTP protocol and maybe also RESTful services out of the box. Libraries in Boost have a high chance of making it into the standard, after all, so this could be a good idea.

I’ve heard from many people that C++ is a waste of time, especially if one wants to get into web development and make a lot of money. Most people who want to web development are abandoning C++ in favor of languages Python that provide better support for web development. I don’t like this and I hope that C++ will also become better for the job soon so that it can pull back programmers that have left it for other languages.

That’s also the reason why I want to use C++ here. I’m hoping that the Networking TS would be standardized and that the standardizing committee would also do something to make C++ overall better for the web, preferably as good as Python if possible. The difficulty of getting into and using C++ is also overly-exaggerated but it seems to be more because of C++ programmers not making their code simple and beautiful enough, so it’s also the language users’ fault. I want to try to change the negative views that people have of C++, as well.

By the way, would it be a good idea to send an email asking about the future of C++, especially for web development, to Dr. Stroustrup if I can find a way to contact him? I know he’s a busy man and I’m also reluctant to this, but since he’s also on the standard-making committee, if he finds some free time to reply to my email, he should be able to tell me what to expect about C++ and its future.

I’m sorry if this email got too long, though. Best regards.

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