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From: vl01_at_[hidden]
Date: 2022-08-09 21:35:19

Hello List,

I'm using the boost::interprocess::message_queue in a project and to
verify everything is working I created a test case. In that test case
I'm sending and receiving data via threads.

The test passes on Linux, Windows with no sanitizer and also with
AddressSanitizer and ThreadSanitizer. I recently added Apple Silicon
(M1) to the test matrix and now the test run with ThreadSanitizer
enabled fails.

Is boost::interprocess::message_queue thread-safe?
Can the reported TSan error be an false-positive?
If it that case, what test can I run to verify that?

I looked at code of atomic_cas32() and it uses the legacy built-in
Can it be that that built-in isn't supported on ARM?
Is there a newer built-in which should be used?

The reported TSan error:
-- snip
WARNING: ThreadSanitizer: data race (pid=4146)
   Atomic write of size 4 at 0x000104af4028 by thread T2:
     #0 __tsan_atomic32_compare_exchange_val <null>:81245684
     #1 boost::interprocess::ipcdetail::atomic_cas32(unsigned int
volatile*, unsigned int, unsigned int) atomic.hpp:581

   Previous read of size 4 at 0x000104af4028 by thread T1:
     #0 boost::interprocess::ipcdetail::spin_mutex::try_lock()
mutex.hpp:100 (tsan_boost:arm64+0x100006eb0)
     #1 void
common_algorithms.hpp:62 (tsan_boost:arm64+0x100006e28)

SUMMARY: ThreadSanitizer: data race atomic.hpp:581 in
boost::interprocess::ipcdetail::atomic_cas32(unsigned int volatile*,
unsigned int, unsigned int)
-- snap

Here is a code example which demonstrates the test case
-- snip
#include <boost/interprocess/ipc/message_queue.hpp>

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <thread>
#include <memory>

struct MessageQueueImpl
       boost::interprocess::permissions file_permissions;
       queue =
"tsanqueue", 10, 15, file_permissions);
   std::unique_ptr<boost::interprocess::message_queue> queue;

class MessageQueue
     : m_impl(std::make_unique<MessageQueueImpl>())

   void send(const std::vector<uint8_t>& buffer)
     m_impl->queue->send(, buffer.size(), 0);

   void receive(std::vector<uint8_t>& buffer)
     boost::interprocess::message_queue::size_type received_size = 0;

     uint32_t prio;
     m_impl->queue->receive(, buffer.size(), received_size,

   std::unique_ptr<MessageQueueImpl> m_impl;

int main()
   auto uut = std::make_unique<MessageQueue>();
   std::thread sender([&uut]{
     for(uint8_t i = 0; i < 3; ++i) {
       const std::vector<uint8_t> send_buffer = {i};
   std::thread receiver([&uut]{
     for(uint8_t i = 0; i < 3; ++i) {
       std::vector<uint8_t> receive_buffer;
       uint32_t prio;

       std::cout << "buffer received:\n";
       for (const auto i : receive_buffer) {
         std::cout << i << '\n';

   if(sender.joinable()) {
   if(receiver.joinable()) {
   return 0;
-- snap


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