Hi Robert,


As you pointed out, my MFC project RTTI was not enabled. Enable RTTI, it runs successfully. Thank you very much.




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how did it fail?


Robert Ramey

"Yan Zhang" <Yan.Zhang@mitchell.com> wrote in message news:F96935FCB9C3D549B3B6CD8915811A2F0F746300@mail60nt.mitchell.com...

I installed Boost 1.32 in Windows with Visual Studio .NET 2003. I tested serialization provided in “vc7ide” project, it runs successfully. Of course, all test projects are “Console”, no MFC library involved. Then I used the same library in MFC project, the execution failed in function:




From MSDN, it was said that Boost is supported in Visual Studio .NET 2003. I labored a week to upgrade our MFC project to Visual Studio .NET 2003 and it still has problem. Any idea? Thanks in advance.




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