I am rebuilding a library that was last compiled a year ago using an earlier version of boost and an earlier version of Xcode (2.4) and an earlier version of Mac OS X (10.4).

I downloaded boost_1_35_0 distro for my Mac and built it using the standard configuration and build procedures.  That seemed to go OK.  I am compiling C++ source code that formerly compiled, without errors or warnings, but now reports the following errors in many files:

"error: 'snprintf' is not a member of 'std'"

And, the offending line is the following from the c++locale.h file (the error is reported on the line referencing snprintf):

#ifdef _GLIBCXX_USE_C99
      const int __ret = std::snprintf(__out, __size, __fmt, __prec, __v);
      const int __ret = std::sprintf(__out, __fmt, __prec, __v);

Does anyone know the source of this problem.  There is absolutely no changes in my source that is being compiled.

I am dual posting this on both the boost-users and the Mac Xcode lists because I am not sure which is the more appropriate forum.