Sorry to bother you again, I really need to fix it. Can you help me?

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 8:54 PM, Mario Chacon <> wrote:
Hello, I am trying to use boos-reflexion but I have this trouble in this thread:

Hello. I downloaded boost.extensions from

When I tried the first example (the shared_library one) in the
tutorial, I realized that the
macro BOOST_EXTENSION_EXPORT_DECL didn't prevent c++ name mangling for
the example
function. I had to add extern "C" before void manually.

And in the second tutorial (the animals tutorial)
seems to be called, but when I get the map from main, it is empty. The
library is found (LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set
so that it finds the library) but it does not work.
Thank you.

Tested in gcc 4.3.2 under ubuntu 8.10.

Can somebody help me ?