I beg you to recorded the conference on video/audio for those who aren't able to make the trip ...

2009/3/25 David Abrahams <dave@boostpro.com>

The official schedule is now live at http://www.boostcon.com/program!  A
few highlights of the "mouth-watering content" (in the words of one
enrollee) are:

* A keynote address from Andrei Alexandrescu called "Iterators Must Go."
 It's sure to be provocative!

* Troy Straszheim's presentations on how high-energy physicists are
 using Boost to process massive datasets as they go "Icefishing for
 Neutrinos" and on Kamasu, his library for offloading computation to
 your machine's GPU.

* Two hands-on sessions where we'll start recoding parts of Boost for
 C++0x, applying rvalue references, variadic templates, decltype, and
 advanced SFINAE capabilities using the latest GCC.

* "Practical C++ Test-Driven Development with Boost.Test and Bmock," by
 Asher Sterkin

* A session on compiler construction using Boost.Spirit v2, from Hartmut
 Kaiser and Joel de Guzman

The complete list of sessions covers a wide range of other Boost and
C++-related topics.  It is available at
http://www.boostcon.com/program/sessions.  Please have a look, and
please, sign up for the conference!  Remember, registration for the
whole week is just $599 before April 1st.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing
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