xml_archives check that that data looks like <tag ...> ... </tag>.  This traps errors where the loading is not compatible with the saving.  These programming errors are otherwise difficult to track.  It doesn't check  that the value of the tag specified in the program matches the one in the file.  Maybe it should.  If you consider that this would be a useful feature, makeup a trak item.
Robert Ramey
"Dan Eaton" <daniel.eaton@acceleware.com> wrote in message news:AD3E5D661CED404A842D89A45C87D5661654313ED2@axe-post.Acceleware.local...


Could you please clarify what you mean by that? Do you mean the first and last tags of the archive are checked? I can't reproduce that behaviour either.


int foo = 1;

unsigned int bar =1;


// create stream & output xml archive

  oarchive << BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(foo);

// create input xml archive from stream

  iarchive >> BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(bar);

This deserializes happily.





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Subject: [Serialization] Guard against attempting to deserialize the wrong type



I'm just wondering if NVP/XML archives check the name during deserialization?


I just had a problem whereby I tried deserializing an object to one type, but the archive actually contained a different (larger ) object type. The first serialized element of the object just so happened to be an unsigned int, and I was trying to deserialize an enum, so the output actually seemed sensible, and didn't cause any problems until I later deserialized the full object from the same archive, which caused a segmentation fault in the boost::serialize source (trying to get ETI from a null pointer).


I was using a polymorphic text archive, and as I mentioned above, am wondering if I switched to an XML archive if this sort of user-error would be detected.




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