Call me stupid but I can't get this to work
class Base
    virtual const bool CheckFunc(const value& val ) const { return true; }
class Derived1: public Base
class Derived2: public Base
// some where else in code
Derived1 dev1;
Derived2 dev2;
vector<Base *> vecBase;
vecBase.push_back( &dev1 );
vecBase.push_back( &dev2 );
value aVal;
vec<Base *> std::find_if( vecBase.begin(), vecBase.end(), boost::bind( Base::CheckFunc, aVal ) );
I have tried a gazillion things a thought would work using mem_fun_ref and such.  This ones get's me the closest I believe but I get a bunch of qualifier to funcation type has no meaning warnings.  As well I get a condiation expression of type 'overloaded-function is illegal.
I am using VS.Net 2003. 
Any ideas on what I am missing.  As well can I get my cake and eat it to by making the CheckFunc virtual and have it resolve to the derived form?
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