Thanks for the info.  I asked because my first project, the real one, does not generate the warning.  I created a second one to test some things within.  I found were I had set  -Wno-undef  in the first project in KDevelop.


Guillaume Melquiond wrote:
On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, David Abrahams wrote:

David Ohlemacher <> writes:

Hi all from a boost newbie,

Linux RH 8.0
gcc 3.2

I created a boost app and it compiles and runs however I am getting
lots of warnings of the form
/usr/lib/boost/boost/iterator_adaptors.hpp:775:43: warning:
"BOOST_MSVC" is not defined.

What am I not doing correctly?
You're using -Wall  ;-)

Unless I'm missing something, this warning is caused by -Wundef. And this
option is not set by -Wall. So this is not because of -Wall.

We're currently discussing what to do about these warnings on the
developers' list.  Stay tuned, and until then turn off -Wall or live
with the warnings.

So rather than removing -Wall, just remove -Wundef (or use -Wno-undef when


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