On 26 Aug 2010, at 20:13, Cristobal Navarro wrote:

thanks for the quick response.

i've never used Boost before, so need to understand some of its basics.
but as soon as i get this working, ill will contribute my own case as an example for sure.


Feel free to contribute one.

If I had nothing else to do, I would

a) make a stream_buf which uses MPI
b) use binary_iarchive and binary_oarchive with this new stream_buf
c) open one program with binary_oarchive and the other with binary_iarchive
d) do ar << on one end and ar >> at the other
e) stand back and let'er rip.

--> so this way it would be possible to mix plain MPi with Boost::Serialize right?

Change the "would" into "is": it is possible to mix Boost.MPI with Boost.Serialization. Any objext that can be serialized can be sent by Boost.MPI. This was actually the basic idea behind Boost.MPI, to use Boost.Serialization to pack and unpack MPI buffers, or to create custom MPI datatypes.