Marco Piacentini wrote:
> Hy...I try to explain better my question...
> Im using boost serialization text archive before sending data over
> TCP connection...
> Now I need to pass the received data to a Java I
> would know if the serialized stream is composed only by the data or
> by the data + boost serialization(tag, code, etc.)...
> In this case my only chance to transfer the data to the java
> application, is to filter them before transfering?thanks...

Robert Ramey wrote:
>I'll try to answer the question - but I'm sort of speculating as to what
>you want to do.  I throw in some miscellanous observations which
>may or may not be helpful.

>a) Generally I don't suggest that one tries to use boost serialization
>to export data to non C++ applications.  The library is intended to
>provide the easiest to use and most efficient implementation of
>serialization for C++ environments.  Any ability to use this to
>export data to/from other environments is a coincidence.

>b) There are other tools for accomplishing the above.  There
>is google protocol buffers and there is boost spirit/karma/qi
>which handle data in a way that is not connected to C++.  Of
>course they won't be as automatic as serialization for just this

>large part it consists of not using those parts of the library which
>are strongly dependent C++ such as serialization of pointers. A
>useful place to start is one of the examples included with the package
>which creates a write only archive which can export any data which
>includes serialization functions. The leverages the serialization functions
>to save a lot of work at the expense of being to read the archive back.
>Something like might work for you.

>d) there are other examples around for serializing files with JSON
>and YAML formats.  Again, these would likely mean not using
>some of  the features of the serialization library - which might be
>be fine for you app.

>I realize this might not be much comfort - but hope it helps

Thanks...unfortunately the analisys and design phases was very poor in the project in which I work....I'll try to follow your advices...bye!