Hi everybody,

I am working on a MFC DLL project with Visual Studio 2010. Since I have started to use the boost thread library in my DLL I get error messages, when from another program I try to dynamically load the DLL.
I recreated the problem, apparently the errors occur when from any MFC DLL project is included one header of the thread library (I tried with barrier.hpp, condition_variable.hpp and thread.hpp).

Below is shown what the messages look like:

1. Debug assertion failed! Program: ... File: ...\dllinit.cpp Line: 607

2. then I press ignore...

3. Debug assertion failed! Program: ... File: ...\dllmodul.cpp Line: 135

4. then I press ignore and the program correctly goes on with its execution...

I have found an older thread in which was explained a very similar issue: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.boost.user/49747
but apparently nothing has been fixed since that time.

I hope somebody has a suggestion.