We have a somewhat tricky cross-compile, and I’m hoping I can get some feedback to help me be sure that I’m doing this right.


In my user-config.jam, I (think I) need to put the following line:


Using gcc : 4.5.1 : : “/path/to/target/compiler” <compileflags> -I/path/to/sdk/includes <cxxflags> -std=c++0x <cflags> -Wall –march=atom


Does that sound right? Does boost depend on standard precompiled libraries like libstdc++.so?


I’ve been bit by having the system crash hard in different places, and I suspect that sometimes this is caused by the fact that the host is i686 linux and the target is an atom-based SoC with custom linux libraries. Boost wants to pull them from the host, so I need to tell it everything it should NOT pull silently. Correct?


Do I also need a <linkflags> -L/path/to/target/lib/directory?


-- Don Wilde

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