If you're really, really desparate, you could google "JSON boost serialization"
Robert Ramey
Leo Cacciari wrote:
> Hi,
> for a project I'm working on, I need to be able to send JSON-encoded
> objects on a network connection. I though that extending the
> xml_[io]archive classes could do the trick, given that JSON, just like
> xml, is based on representing an object by a collection of NVPs
> (name-value pairs). However, I was unable to find an explication on
> _how_ to extend that class, and I lost myself very quickly  when I
> tried to follow the code in the source.
> Thus I'm wondering...
> First, should I actually modify xml_[io]archive or should I extend
> text_[io]archive by adding serialization of NVPs?
> If, as I think, the right way  is to extend text_[io]archive, and more
> so if I should actually extend/modify  xml_[io]archive, does anyone
> have suggestion on how to do that?
> Even better, does anyone have a JSON serializer I could use in a
> (*commercial*) project?
> Thanks a lot for your help