Hi guys,

I developed a little application called MyProgram.exe (Win7, VS2008 SP1, Qt 4.8.4) and a little DLL called MyLibrary.dll. The DLL uses BOOST's regex engine 1.5. The executable calls the DLL via couple of functions, one function inside the DLL uses the regex engine. I've tested the environment on Windows7 and all is OK.

BUT: If I copy the application and the DLL to Windows2012 I see that the executable crashes if I use it. I took a closer look to the issue and found out that the cause for the crash seems to be the regex engine inside the DLL. If regex functions will be called inside the DLL, it crashes and also the application does.

AND: The strange thing is, that this problem seems to occur only on Windows2012 and only if the regex engine is inside a DLL. If I use Windows7 instead or uses the regex engine inside an executable on Windows2012 - everything works fine.

I've already tried a lot to solve the problem, including using different linking approaches (BOOST as shared DLL etc.). I wonder if anybody had similar issues or can give me a hint of what went wrong?