Really good work. I like the interface and the boost unit test integration.

I don't have time to test it now, but i defenitly would love to see it in boost.

2013/9/20 Mathieu Champlon <>

I initially sent the following message to the boost-dev mailing list, but I'm thinking this might reach more potential users here on boost-users.

Would a library for mock objects be of interest ?

The documentation can be found here :
An archive is also available for download there :
It's been converted from turtle ( which was mentioned on the mailing-lists a couple of times in the past.

There is a catch in that it needs Boost.Test from the release branch and doesn't compile with the trunk.
The changes are minimal though and I can provide a patch if anyone is interested.

Is anyone already using the library who would like to see it in Boost ?
Or is anyone using another mock object library who wants to give it a go ?
Or even better has anyone tried it and decided to user another library who would like to comment on it ?

I would be highly interested in any feedback !

Thank you,
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