> I am trying to use Boost::Bind  to bind my function but I am getting an error as Bind cannot diffrentiate between the constructors
> even though they have diffrent function signatures.
>   TestBind(boost::bind((&Test::process), &t1, _1));

This is a problem with binding overloaded functions.  See
 I typically static_cast, when I can't use a C++11 lambda.
Nate, as far as I can see this isn't an issue with binding to an overloaded function (because the function isn't overloaded!), it's selecting the correct constructor overload based on the return value of boost::bind.

Putting a temporary TestBind::t_ProcessFunctionInt in between the creation of the TestBind object and the bind to Test::process works; it's the implicit conversion between the return value of boost::bind and the two constructor overloads which is failing.

ie: this works:

TestBind::t_ProcessFunctionInt fn = boost::bind((&Test::process), &t1, _1);
TestBind f(fn);

this doesn't:

TestBind g(boost::bind((&Test::process), &t1, _1));

In other words, it's the choice between 

TestBind(t_ProcessFunctionInt) {}
TestBind(t_ProcessFunctionShort) {}

which fails

Note that making the constructors explicit doesn't work:

explicit TestBind(t_ProcessFunctionInt) {}
explicit TestBind(t_ProcessFunctionShort) {}