Le 05/12/13 19:47, Kaspar Fischer a écrit :

If I have two futures f1 and f2, can I compose them to a future that completes with the result of f1 and f2 when both f1 and f2 have finished? I'd like to have a future so that I can use the then() method to run another transformation.

I see method wait_for_all() but this method blocks.

Hi, I'm working on when_all/when_any functions, but there are a lot of restrictions. See [1]. I don't think it would be completely ready for Boost.1.56.

You can play with it, but I don't believe you could use it on a product.


[1] http://svn.boost.org/svn/boost/branches/release/libs/thread/example/future_when_all.cpp.