Thank you, Hartmut for prompt reply!

However, I am not forgetting anything as this definition comes from 'standard' header:

see line 36:

# define __builtin_warning(x, y...) (1)

For a test case, trivial TU will suffice:

#include <compiler.h>

int main()
    return 0;

Also, here is a description for variadics from GNU docs: , which corresponds with what I came across in compiler.h

So, the question is, would wave process line 36 from compiler.h mentioned above the same way gcc process it?

Thank you,
On Monday, March 31, 2014 3:11 PM, Hartmut Kaiser <> wrote:

> I'm using wave library from boost 1.53.0.
> Library compiled with default settings, meaning
> BOOST_WAVE_SUPPORT_VARIADICS_PLACEMARKERS is set to 1 in wave_config.cpp
> Wave driver is also compiled to support variadics.
> However, when I try to feed translation unit to wave driver it reports
> following error:
> .../compiler.h:32:1: error: ill formed preprocessor directive: #define
> __builtin_warning(x, y...) (1)
> And btw, wave driver was called with --variadics option
> What went wrong here?

Since you have not provided a concise test case I can only guess... From the
error message above I can tell, that you forgot the comma in fromnt of the

    #define __builtin_warning(x, y, ...)

Which will compile just fine.

Regards Hartmut

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