I did performed google search, but I didn't find the link you provided. Sorry.

So, now I receive: error: template instantiation depth exceeds maximum of 10001 (use -ftemplate-depth=..

Practically, that means that because of my compiler I can not use the boost library NN, right?

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 6:05 PM, Adam Wulkiewicz <adam.wulkiewicz@gmail.com> wrote:
Georgios Samaras wrote:
Damn, I pasted only the 1st line, sorry.

The max of 1024 means that I can not allocate a point in 10000 dimensions, right?

This error is more related to the compiler than to Boost. Next time please search the Web first -> e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12277732/template-metaprogramming-recursion-up-limits.

The compiler is telling you everything:

1. error: template instantiation depth exceeds maximum of 1024
2. (use -ftemplate-depth= to increase the maximum)


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