Hi all,

New to this list, so I hope I'm at the right place, and not asking too much of you guys. Please inform me if either of those is true! ;-)

I have been working on a little toy project to implement a template-based Signal/Slot library and now that I have a usable end-product, I want to test it against boost::signals2 to get an idea of how well it performs. Therefore my first question is whether boost::signals2 is generally considered a high performance library.

Second, I'm a little reluctant to build a benchmark suite myself, because I want to be fair to both myself and the other party. I don't know the signals2 library at all, let alone what its virtues and shortcomings are. Some tips on what to test exactly would therefore be great, although I'm afraid this request might qualify for "asking too much". Initial tests show that my own library can be up to 10 times faster than the boost-implementation, which makes me even more suspicious that I might not be testing the right things (but at the same time prematurely proud).

Thanks in advance and cheers!