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On 7/13/15 1:26 PM, TILLMAN, MICHAEL D9 wrote:

> ...
> "7104",
> "0.416666699999999999983",
> "0.22222224",
> "4.08233160000000000001",
> "1.81436960000000000002",
> ...
> It fails on the last string, "1.81.....", in the actual program, but
> when compiled into a simple test program, it succeeds.

You say yourself that a simple test program succeeds. The bug materializes only in your production code. This scenario begs for the steps for reproduce the bug. If you cannot reproduce it then you shouldn't suggest that it's a bug in boost. If the same code succeeds in a simple test program then it cannot be a bug in boost IMHO.

Well, it still could be, but cannot be proven. I agree with the rest however, without a proof, or at least strong indication, such suggestion is useless and shouldn't be made. And reading the original post, it really wasn't made .... OP was  asking the question if anything similar was known to happen, rather than suggesting that the bug is actually in boost.

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