On 21 December 2015 at 14:54, avib369 . <avibahra@gmail.com> wrote:
There seems to be change/regression in boost program options.
In boost/1.53. I used

   boost::program_options::variables_map vm;
   po::store( po::parse_command_line( argc, argv, desc_ ,
            po::command_line_style::unix_style ^ po::command_line_style::allow_short),
            vm );
   po::notify( vm );

This could handle arguments like:
      ./exe --help all      
      ./exe --help summary  

However  from boost 1.59, this no longer works, instead I have to use:

     ./exe --help=all
     ./exe --help=summary

Is this a known change ? how do i get back to the old functionality ?

I hit the same issue.
However I feed program_option with a vector of arguments { "--help", "all" }, something like that.
It looks like it's a bug because the documentation does use space as a value separation.
I'm searching in the tracker for issues related but there are too many and they are not up to date.

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