Thank you Shayne. I wanted to try Boost to enhance my coding abilities in C++ and learn the process of optimizing simultaneously. With that in mind, can you direct me? Thank you. 


On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 11:03 PM, TUELLER, SHAYNE R CIV USAF AFMC 519 SMXS/MXDEC <> wrote:
Boost is deep and broad. Where you start will depend on what you want to do
with the libraries.

Depending on what you're wanting to accomplish, I would suggest looking at the
pertinent documentation for starting out.


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Hi all,
         I'm a new member to C++ boost and I have a fairly good knowledge in
programming in C++. I'm very much excited to join this group and I need
directions from the senior members on how to start myself. Please help me
here. Thanks in advance.


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