2016-02-29 16:12 GMT+01:00 TONGARI J <tongari95@gmail.com>:
2016-02-29 22:19 GMT+08:00 Thomas Ziegenhagen <thomas@dreamworlds.de>:
Hi again,

just noticed that the make_fcontext() documentation says that it expects the stack pointer to be at the end or at the beginning, depending on the architecture.

So please re-read my last mail as a feature request:

If Boost.Context is a platform-independent context switching library, please make its stack pointer parameter also platform-independent.


Booost.Context knows best on which platform it runs. If the API is supposed to work the same on all supported systems, its parameter should do so, too.

Other than that: Sorry for wasting your time.

I have the same opinion and I had argued that with the lib author, but he somewhat insisted that Booost.Context should not do so... :(

because fcontext-API is no longer part of the public API