David Medine <dmedine@ucsd.edu> wrote:

> However, I am revising some Visual Studio projects that use boost and I
> realized that the path I gave for 'Additional Library Directories' is
> $(BOOST_ROOT)/lib, but my version of boost hasn't got this directory (it's
> actually $(BOOST_ROOT)\libs). I then removed all references to boost from
> 'Additional Library Directories', and 'Additional Include Directories' and
> the application builds and runs swimmingly.
> This leads me to believe, that assigning the BOOST_ROOT environment variable
> in Windows is the only step that is needed for VS's auto linking magic to
> link correctly to boost. Am I right here, or is there something I am
> missing?

In my experience, Visual Studio does not automatically incorporate $BOOST_ROOT
(or $(BOOST_ROOT)/lib) into its compile and link search paths. I wouldn't
expect it to do that, either.

Could it be that you placed a current or previous value of $BOOST_ROOT into
other environment variables?  I believe that $(IncludePath) and $(LibPath)
are used by Microsoft's compile and link tools. Check the values of both.

I don't recommend that you get too comfortable with this mysteriously
"correct" build behavior. If you have multiple versions of Boost installed,
you might not be building with the version you intended. For the time
being, you could try displaying your full compile and link commands by
changing "Suppress Startup Banner" to "No" in the property pages
C/C++ > General and Linker > General.

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