Release 1.62.0 of the Boost C++ Libraries is now available.

These open-source libraries work well with the C++ Standard Library, and are usable across a broad spectrum of applications. 

The Boost license encourages both commercial and non-commercial use.

This release contains two new libraries and numerous enhancements and bug fixes for existing libraries.

New Libraries

* Fiber: Framework for userland-threads/fibers, from Oliver Kowalke.
* QVM: Boost QVM is a generic library for working with quaternions, vectors and matrices of static size with the emphasis on 2, 3 and 4-dimensional operations needed in graphics, video games and simulation applications, from Emil Dotchevski.

For details, including download links, see

You can also download directly from SourceForge:

The SHA256 checksums are as follows:

b91c2cda8bee73ea613130e19e72c9589e9ef0357c4c5cc5f7523de82cce11f7  boost_1_62_0.7z
36c96b0f6155c98404091d8ceb48319a28279ca0333fba1ad8611eb90afb2ca0  boost_1_62_0.tar.bz2
440a59f8bc4023dbe6285c9998b0f7fa288468b889746b1ef00e8b36c559dce1  boost_1_62_0.tar.gz

Tom Kent has made pre-built windows binaries, and they are available at:

To install this release on your system, see


--The Boost release team