Hey Victoria,

On 30 September 2016 at 20:16, María Victoria Rocha <victoria@radixcast.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I have defined an io_service that is used by two sockets, one of them
uses tcp, and the other udp.

When the callback of this async_read_some is called

boost::bind(&RequestHandler::onRead, shared_from_this(),

A udp socket is created with the same io_service and an
async_receive_from is called. On the callback of this read operation I
try to write to the tcp socket but it captures an exception with
message: "unknown exception".

When this happens, the client that is listening to the tcp socket,
receives "End of file" error.

I resolved this problem with an io_service per socket but I would like
to use the same io_service.

Someone has any idea why this happens?

​Do you have a minimal working example that demonstrates the problem? In general it should be fine to use the same io_service with different sockets, so I suspect the problem lies somewhere else. A minimal example showing the problem will help a lot in tracking down the problem.

One thing though: if you don't catch the exception (or call std::terminate() in the handler) you should see more details regarding the exception (at least the type of the exception, but more if it inherits from std::exception). That may be enough to point you to the problem already.