On 11.10.2016 05:36, Ram wrote:
Thanks a lot all! The problem was addressed. I recently found out that if I include the boost headers in the beginning(as the first headers), before any of the project headers(we have a header file in our project where we add files we want to add first) it worked. I am not sure why!
Ahem ... there should be a book written  (I can suggest the title: "The use and abuse of #include directive") about improperly structured #includes ... probably a multi-volume set full of horror stories.

The include order:

1. System/standard header files
2. Other libraries header files
3. Project header files

usually works best, unless there is a very good reason to change it.

That, and only include what you need where you need it ...

I suspect Gavin is right and it's going to bite you again unless you find the root cause.