My program needs a sync udp socket send / receiver so I use the deadline_timer as timeout for udp socket receive_from on Debian Jessie:

boost::asio::deadline_timer deadline(io_service, boost::posix_time::seconds(2));

In checkDeadline function, when the timer expires, it calls socket.cancel, otherwise calls the deadline.async_wait(checkDeadline); again.

Apparently when the program runs to socket.receive_from(), it is blocked and the timer is never called because both socket.receive_from and the timer in the same thread.

I've been thinking to run the timer in another thread, but I checked Internet, there are comments said deadline_timer is not thread safe, please correct me if I am wrong here. It will be a simple solution for me if I can run timer on another thread. Anyone has other ideas to run the timer effectively?

Appreciate your comments.

Thank you.