Hi Boost Users,


I need the Boost Serialization Library in order to use a MATLAB make file. The make file is looking for a static library file named either boost_serialization.lib or libboost_serialization.lib. However, when I built the serialization library, I got a lot of object files and rsp files rather than a .lib file. Do you know how to create the .lib file? I am not sure if it matters, but I am using a Windows computer.


When you build the boost libraries, is there a way to generate .lib files for them?


Below, I have documented the steps I took to build the library. Please take a glance at it and let me know if I missed something that will allow me to obtain the .lib file.




  1. Download and unzip the boost folder




  1. Look inside folder and make sure you find bootstrap.bat


  1. Open the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt and navigate to the boost folder



  1. Type bootstrap into the command line and hit enter



  1. After it finishes bootstrapping, type in .\b2 --with-serialization and hit enter. The serialization library will be built. I still have not figured out how to generate the .lib file.





Tina Alam

IT Flex – Software Engineer