On 12.05.2017 17:04, Benjamin Buch via Boost-users wrote:
The boost::dll depends on 4 different boost-libraries which all have counterparts in the C++17 standard library. Worse, two of them (system & filesystem) are not header-only libraries, so you need to link against these libraries.

Is it possible and planned to use the standard library counterparts as plug in replacement for these boost dependencies in a future release? In my opinion this would improve the usability massively, especially when you already use this counterparts in the rest of your program.

Yeah, this question pops up often these post-C++11 days. I often encounter this dualism, for instance with using std::shared_ptr in the most of the code, and boost::shared_ptr in the parts that interface with some boost libraries that are not part of the standard (yet). I'm still waiting to see how Boost will tackle this, if at all. It may well be that the success of Boost in developing the standard C++ may also mark the beginning of it's demise as much of its precious functionality will be available as part of std::, and for the remaining parts the questions of the code maintenance will be gaining more and more importance.