Well, as soon as you have a string, you may have incompatibilities. And lots of Boost libraries do use them.

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mongo-cxx-driver notices this:
"Important note about C++11/C++14: The boost libraries do not offer a
stable ABI across different versions of the C++ standard. As a result,
you must ensure that your application, the C++ driver, and boost are
all built with the same language standard. In particular, if you are
building the C++ driver with C++11 enabled, you must also build your
application with C++11 enabled, and link against a C++11 compiled
boost. " [1]

Is it true? What changes with new standard? (or is this only related to
ABI change in gcc introduced by c++11?)

I'm interested mainly in libraries: filesystem, chrono, thread, system
and regex

I can't speak for the libraries you mention above. But regarding Boost libraries in general many Boost libraries are unaffected in their public interface whether you compile with C++03, C++11, C++14, or C++17 support. If a library is affected in its public interface depending on the level of C++ support it should document this and, needless to say if it is a built library whether static or shared, it should have a distinct library name depending on its differing public interfaces.


[1] http://mongodb.github.io/mongo-cxx-driver/legacy-v1/installation/#s

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