Dear Boost community,

once again this year, we will apply to be a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2018. Our organization has been quite succesful for the last decade and this year we hope to be selected again.

As part of filling in our application for 2018, we must supply to Google a list of potential GSoC mentors and potential GSoC projects for summer 2018 in order to be approved as an organisation this year.

Therefore a lengthy page of awesome project ideas at before *January 23rd* would be an enormous help to getting us approved again this year and bringing to Boost another Google funding (worth dozens of thousands of dollars on average).

If you think yourself able to mentor a student doing some work on Boost this summer, *please* consider adding a description of the proposed work item and your name to the list. If you want to have a better chance receiving funding for your project ideas, it is better to find good students early and that is best done by getting project ideas floated *early*.

If you want to know more about mentoring a Google Summer of Code funded student work before you nominate yourself, please feel free to ask on the main Boost developers mailing list or via Thank you in advance for your time.

Finally, I would like to thank Niall Douglas, our previous Boost admnistrator for GSoC, who did an awesome work during many years and helped the Boost community grow thanks to all the funding we received years after years from Google.

Best regards,